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Parking at Airport Frankfurt

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When embarking on a journey, one of the crucial aspects that is often overlooked is parking. At Frankfurt Airport, one of the busiest hubs in Europe, the need for efficient and stress-free parking is paramount. Here at Infiniti Parking, we offer tailored parking solutions that ensure your journey begins and ends on a positive note. Our parking services at Frankfurt Airport are designed to provide you with convenience and peace of mind, whether you are departing from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. We understand the challenges of airport parking and have streamlined our processes to make your experience as seamless as possible. Furthermore, our strategic location ensures that you are just minutes away from your check-in desk, providing a swift transition from car to departure gate.


General Questions
How long before departure should one be at the airport?

It is generally recommended that you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before international flights and at least 2 hours before domestic flights. This recommendation considers necessary processes such as check-in, luggage drop-off, security checks, and the way to the respective departure gate. Additional time may also be required to manage possible queues or unforeseen delays. Especially during peak times or holiday periods, there can be longer waiting times at the airport, so it is advisable to plan this time buffer to start your journey stress-free and without time pressure.

How long can the car be parked at Infiniti Parking?

Infiniti Parking generally does not set a strict limit on the duration of parking. Customers have the flexibility to park their vehicles for both short stays and long-term parking. This provides ideal conditions for all types of travelers, from business people to vacationers. For longer parking periods, we recommend inquiring in advance and asking for possible special conditions or rates. Our goal is to offer a flexible and convenient parking solution for all our customers, regardless of the length of their trip.

What are the regular parking fees at the airport?

The regular parking fees at Frankfurt Airport can vary depending on the parking area and duration. Short-term parking lots usually cost more per hour, while long-term parking lots offer a more cost-effective daily rate. Prices can range from a few euros per hour to higher amounts for multi-day parking. It is recommended to check the current rates on the official website of the airport as they can vary depending on the car park and season.

Are there special rates or offers for long-term parking at Infiniti Parking?

Infiniti Parking typically offers special rates and deals for long-term parking to accommodate the needs of travelers who are away for an extended period. These offers can be significantly cheaper than standard rates and provide a practical and cost-efficient solution for long-term travelers. It is recommended to visit Infiniti Parking’s website or to contact directly to learn about the latest offers and special rates.

What happens if I can't make it to the agreed meeting point on time?

If it becomes apparent that you will not be able to keep the agreed appointment, we earnestly request you to contact us by phone as soon as possible. Early notification allows us to make appropriate arrangements and try to find a solution satisfactory for both sides. Your proactive communication is highly appreciated and helps to minimize inconveniences for all parties involved. Please understand that we may not be able to make alternative arrangements without timely notification.

How far is Infiniti Parking from Frankfurt Airport?

Infiniti Parking offers convenient and secure parking facilities in close proximity to Frankfurt Airport. Our underground car park is only 2.4 km away from Terminal 2, ensuring a quick and easy journey to the airport. Also, our outdoor parking spaces are accessible from the terminal in a few minutes and offer a cost-effective alternative for travelers. To find the best route from your location to our parking facilities, please visit our website or contact our customer service for detailed directions. For additional convenience, we offer a shuttle service that takes you directly from your parking spot to the terminal. With Infiniti Parking, your journey begins stress-free and comfortably.

Are multiple cars allowed to be parked at Infiniti Parking at the same time?

Customers can easily park multiple vehicles at Infiniti Parking. However, each car must be individually registered, and parking fees are calculated according to the respective current rates. This is particularly advantageous for group travels or families traveling with multiple vehicles. We recommend making reservations in advance to ensure that sufficient space is available for all vehicles. Our customer service is ready to make all necessary arrangements and answer your questions regarding the parking of multiple vehicles.

Is regular parking at the airport cheaper or is it with a parking service?

Whether regular parking at the airport is cheaper than a parking service depends on various factors, including the duration of the parking and the chosen service options. Parking services can often offer competitive or even lower rates than regular parking spaces for longer stays, especially if they include additional services such as shuttle transport, vehicle maintenance, or fueling service. It is worth comparing the prices and services to find the most cost-effective and convenient option.

How flexible is the booking at Infiniti Parking, especially in the case of flight changes or cancellations?

Infiniti Parking offers flexible booking options that allow reservations to be changed or cancelled up to 24 hours before parking begins without additional costs. For cancellations that occur later, the full amount is due as damages. Customers can easily cancel their booking by phone or email, stating their name and customer number. It is recommended to review the specific cancellation conditions when booking.

What booking options are available?

Reserving your parking space at Infiniti Parking is flexible and customer-friendly. You have the option to make your reservation in three different ways: Email (, Phone (+49 162 6898912), or Online ( After completing your booking, you will receive a confirmation email or message with all relevant details regarding your parking space and agreed services.

Question about parking
How does the parking service at Frankfurt Airport work?

Various parking options are available at Frankfurt Airport, including short and long-term parking, premium parking areas, as well as parking garages and open-air spaces. Infiniti Parking also offers comfortable parking services such as Valet Parking and parking with shuttle service to make your travel start as pleasant as possible. Additionally, there are special offers for spontaneous parkers and reservation options for those who want to secure their parking spot in advance. This variety of options allows every traveler to find the ideal parking solution according to their needs and budgets.

What payment methods are accepted for parking at Frankfurt Airport?

Some parking areas offer subscriptions or memberships for frequent flyers or business travelers, which allow for discounted rates. Infiniti Parking also takes into account seasonal fluctuations and offers accordingly adjusted prices to provide customers with the best possible value. By booking early, better rates can often be secured, especially for long-term parking lots.

How is the security of vehicles ensured on the parking lot at Frankfurt Airport?

The security of vehicles on our parking lot is our top priority. We ensure this through a combination of physical and technological measures, including regular security patrols, 24-hour video surveillance, well-lit parking areas, and barrier control. Additionally, the premises are fenced and secured with access controls. Our security staff is always on-site to respond quickly to any situation. Furthermore, all vehicles are insured during the parking duration with Allianz, providing an additional level of security. Customers can be assured that their vehicle is in good hands with us and adequately protected in case of damage.

Are there special parking spaces for people with limited mobility at Frankfurt Airport?

Infiniti Parking provides special parking spaces for people with limited mobility. These spaces are located closer to the entrance or shuttle stations to facilitate the transport to and from the airport. We ask customers with special needs to indicate this when booking so that we can offer the best possible service. Our staff are trained to provide assistance and ensure that your arrival is as comfortable as possible.

What parking options are available at Frankfurt Airport?

When booking your parking space with Infiniti Parking, you choose the desired location for your vehicle. If you opt for our Valet Service, we offer two convenient options:

  1. Underground parking spaces: Located at De-Saint-Exúpery-Strasse 4, 60549 Frankfurt am Main. Your vehicle will be kept safe and protected from weather influences here. Our Valet Service ensures that your car is safely parked in our underground garage upon your arrival.
  2. Outdoor parking spaces: This option is available at Dornhofstrasse 12a, 63263 Neu-Isenburg. The parking spaces are situated on a monitored property to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Here too, our Valet Service takes care of parking your car. If you also wish to use a shuttle service, our parking space at Mergenthaler Allee 49-53, 65760 Eschborn, is available. From here, we will comfortably and reliably transport you to the airport and back to your vehicle. Please inform us at the time of booking which parking option you prefer and whether you would like to use the shuttle service. We will ensure that your parking and travel experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.
Are there different rates depending on the length of stay at Frankfurt Airport?

Infiniti Parking offers different rates based on the duration of your stay at Frankfurt Airport. Short-term parking is ideal for those picking up or dropping off someone. Long-term parking caters to travelers who are away for a longer period. In addition, there are seasonal offers, discounts for early bookings, and special rates for regular customers. We recommend visiting our website to compare current prices and offers that meet your needs. Discounts may apply for bookings made in advance, and we often offer special prices outside of peak times.

Is it possible to reserve parking spaces at Frankfurt Airport in advance, and if so, how?

Yes, at Infiniti Parking, customers can reserve their parking spaces in advance. This can be done via our website, by email, or by phone. The online booking is particularly user-friendly, as you can see real-time availabilities and select the parking option that suits you best. After completing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all necessary details about your parking space and the services provided. An early reservation not only secures your spot but can also lead to more favorable rates.

Are there specific vehicle restrictions or requirements for using the parking service at Frankfurt Airport?

Infiniti Parking has certain policies and restrictions regarding the vehicles that can be parked on our premises. These include height restrictions in the underground garage and weight limitations for parking spaces. Special vehicles or particularly large vehicles may require prior approval. We advise you to check the specific requirements and restrictions before booking and to contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

Convenient Parking at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1

Finding a parking spot at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 can be a daunting task, especially during peak travel seasons. At Infiniti Parking, we strive to alleviate this stress by providing convenient parking options close to Terminal 1. Our parking facilities are secure, well-lit, and monitored around the clock, ensuring the safety of your vehicle while you travel. The reservation process is straightforward and can be completed online, allowing you to secure your parking spot well in advance of your trip. This not only saves you time but also ensures a smooth and hassle-free start to your journey. Plus, our customer service team is always on hand to assist with any queries or needs you may have, making your parking experience as comfortable as possible.

Reliable Parking at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2

Travelers departing from Terminal 2 can also enjoy the benefits of Infiniti Parking’s reliable services. Parking at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 has never been easier, thanks to our comprehensive parking solutions. We prioritize your convenience and peace of mind, ensuring that your vehicle is safely parked and that you are transported to and from the terminal with ease. Our shuttle service operates continuously, providing timely and comfortable transfers between the parking facility and Terminal 2. By choosing Infiniti Parking, you can avoid the common stresses associated with airport parking and focus on your upcoming journey. Additionally, our competitive pricing ensures that you receive the best value for your money, making your travel experience not only convenient but also cost-effective.

Personalized Services and Customer Care at Infiniti Parking

At Infiniti Parking, we believe that parking at Frankfurt Airport should be more than just leaving your car in a lot. We understand that every traveler has unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer a range of personalized services to cater to your individual requirements. From valet parking to long-term parking options, our goal is to make your travel experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and assist with your parking needs, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional. We take pride in going the extra mile for our customers, providing not just a parking space, but a complete parking solution that meets all your needs.

Choosing Infiniti Parking means opting for a stress-free parking experience at Frankfurt Airport. Our services are tailored to provide maximum convenience and security for your vehicle, allowing you to commence and conclude your journey with ease and confidence. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, trust Infiniti Parking for all your Frankfurt Airport parking needs, and make your travel experience more enjoyable and worry-free. With Infiniti Parking, you can step out of your car and step into your journey with tranquility and ease, knowing that everything is taken care of.